We have been specialising in consultancy services, visual identity and support in the process of introducing companies/brands/products to the market for more than ten years.

Artorange is a team of experienced, educated and creative people with passion, who have knowledge of various fields and great imagination. We have a sense of aesthetic and great courage in marketing communication. With our skills and experience, we are a good team which is ready to take on any task, even the most difficult one.

We ensure high quality and efficiency in the development of marketing communication. In terms of promotion and advertising, we want to be partners for our clients. We advise on how their companies can generate profits from our work, we advise on how they can improve their brand and position on the market. We help in standing out from competition. We create efficient, dynamic and modern projects.

Our job is at the same time our passion, we carry out various types of non-commercial works which contribute to our developmentto a great extent.

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Oranges mean above all freshness and a juicy taste. Orange is a colour of form and growth. Being creative, we present innovative solutions and approach each of our clients individually. We shun clichés. We can implement every...literally every idea, even the craziest and maddest ones.


The elephant is a symbol of wisdom and experience. The elephant with its trunk raised is a symbol of happiness in many cultures and the pillar of our actions is knowledge, vast experience gained over years, a continuous improvement of advertising skills. With our commitment at work, the process of developing a project is carried out quickly and efficiently, which ensures satisfaction from the final effect. Visual identification is one of the main tools for creating a company image so it is very important that it should be touched up and related to the profile of operations.


A coherent graphic system makes that your company stands out from competitive brands and is recognised more efficiently by a potential client, which as a result decides about the success in the market and marketing. Therefore, you should think about it at the beginning of your business –from an individual logo and a website toall the promotional materials for your company.


It has its renown, content and significance, that is why it is worth trying to develop modern and unique designs which will positively affect the company's visual identity. A good design in terms of graphics can be conventionally called a visual identity. This is an opinion about the company in the society or the target groups which were selected from it, based on all visual (artistic) activities together.


We constantly look for new forms and draw inspiration from the observation of nature, contemporary culture, fashion, art and entertainment. We focus our actions on aesthetic and decorative aspects, the so-called sustainable fashion.


Knowledge, vast experience gained over years, a continuous improvement of advertising skills are the pillar of our activities.


Happiness is an emotion caused by experiences that an individual assesses as positive. Different philosophers looked for the nature of happiness and the way of achieving it. These two issues are considered in view of the following question: does happiness depend on a philosophical life only or on the life circumstances as well? Some people believe that happiness is a reflection of understanding human nature.


We develop a marketing communication tool for companies and products. We provide a full range of services related to design, marketing and Public Relations. We offer advertising, promotional and information materials. We prepare and produce press and outdoor adverts, folders, leaflets and brochures.

We have been praised many times for the ability to be inspiring by listening to expectations formulated by marketing specialists. We want all the solutions we propose to be highly innovative and have high aesthetic values

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